Top 10 Vegetarian Food To Increase Height

What should vegetarians eat to increase height? Top 10 vegetarian foods should eat to increase height? Top 10 foods that help increase height for vegetarians effectively below will be suggestions for you. Let’s explore together.

Veganism is a diet that does not use foods of animal origin, but only foods of plant origin. This is a healthy diet for health and also contributes to the protection of the environment. More and more people maintain an animal-free, vegetarian diet. However, eating only plant-based foods also raises concerns about whether the body has enough nutrition to develop maximum height, when familiar calcium supplements such as shrimp, crab, fish, etc. chicken… all from animals.

In fact, many plant-based foods also have high nutritional value, which is beneficial for the physical growth process. Families and young people who are maintaining a vegetarian diet can choose the following foods to support effective height development:

Soy bean


Soybeans are rich in calcium and vegetable protein. 100g of soybeans has 16g of protein, 25mg of calcium. Soy is also considered a complete protein source when it contains all 9 essential amino acids, which is very beneficial for the body for vegetarians.

In addition, soybeans also contain iron, magnesium, fiber, potassium, etc., all of which are ingredients that support effective health care and height. You can use soybeans to prepare dishes or use foods made from soybeans such as soy milk, tofu, etc.

Milk and dairy products

For semi-vegetarians or vegans with dairy, it is completely possible to use animal milk, typically cow’s milk and products made from milk such as yogurt and cheese. The nutritional composition of milk contains a lot of calcium , protein, vitamin A, and vitamin D, all of which are nutrients that support strong bones and good growth.

Outstanding nutritional content of milk and dairy products:

  • Fresh milk: 100ml of fresh milk contains about 3g of protein, 120mg of Calcium
  • Yogurt: 100g of yogurt provides 10g of protein, 110mg of calcium
  • Cheese: 100g of cheese has up to 25g of protein, 721 mg of Calcium, 24 IU of vitamin D

You can use milk as a side dish in your daily diet menu to both take care of your health and improve your height quickly.


Oatmeal is made from oats, one of the most nutritious whole grains. 100g oats provide 2.4g protein, 80mg calcium, and high levels of iron, fiber, magnesium, potassium…

With this nutritional value, eating oats and oatmeal regularly will support strong, fast growth of bones.

At the same time, oats are also listed on the list of healthy foods, effective health care with the following uses: Reduce the risk of obesity, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol levels in the room. Prevent cardiovascular disease, strengthen the immune system…



Spirulina is blue in color, used as food and medicine. This is considered one of the super nutritious foods, adding a variety of nutrients and bringing many health benefits.

The protein and vitamin content in spirulina is very high. 100g of spirulina has 57g of protein, 120mg of Calcium, along with iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, fiber, potassium… In particular, spirulina contains most of the amino acids that the body needs.

Adding spirulina to the daily diet not only supports good height growth, but also takes care of health and prevents diseases effectively: fight cancer development, lower blood pressure, improve inflammation allergic nose, prevent anemia, protect the cardiovascular system…


Mushrooms are a staple of the vegetarian diet. Mushrooms have high nutritional value but are low in calories and do not cause weight gain. Mushrooms are rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin D and potassium. Along with that is a high content of B vitamins such as vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5. Therefore, consuming mushrooms in a moderate amount will help bones grow well, healthy, balanced body, not worry about obesity.

In addition, mushrooms also have the effect of reducing blood pressure for people with high blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, reducing the risk of diseases. However, you should cook mushrooms properly and choose edible mushrooms because there are many types of mushrooms that contain toxins that can be harmful to health.


Spinach is also known as spinach, spinach is grown quite popularly in our country. This vegetable can be used to prepare dishes or use juice to drink. Spinach is considered a superfood with abundant vitamins and minerals, which are very beneficial for health.

100g of spinach contains 99mg of Calcium, the same high content of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc… Regularly eating spinach will increase the body’s moisture level because 91% The composition of this vegetable is water, lose weight, prevent anemia, improve the immune system, good for the eyes, support the cardiovascular system, fight inflammation …



Broccoli is one of the favorite height increasing foods for vegetarians because of its high nutritional value. Broccoli is 90% water, 3% protein and 7% carbohydrates, no fat. The nutrients in broccoli that help height grow fast include vitamin K, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. The amount of calcium in broccoli is about 47 mg / 100g.

You can use broccoli to boil, steam, make salads, stir-fry with beef. In particular, steaming is the most effective way to preserve the nutrition of broccoli.


According to Orange is a favorite fruit and used when the body feels tired and dehydrated. Calcium content in oranges is also quite high with the amount of 40mg / 100g. The amount of vitamin C in oranges is also relatively high. Eating oranges or drinking orange juice daily is a way to supplement calcium and vitamin C for the body, support good height growth and improve the immune system.

Vegetarians can still have outstanding height if you choose foods carefully, giving priority to foods rich in calcium, micro-minerals, and protein. In addition to eating healthy, healthy vegan, you should also pay attention to regular exercise and sports, sleep early and get enough sleep, maintain the correct posture in working and living, and limit the use of phones. when not needed. In addition, do not forget to have regular health check-ups, check your height periodically to assess growth rate. Timely make adjustments in eating and living to promote height growth to its full potential before the puberty process ends.

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