How to get taller at 17

The age of 17 is the “sprint” period in height development. To increase your height well at this time, you need to be really persistent, make efforts and seriously implement proper nutrition, exercise and living methods. Let ‘s learn about the secret to increasing height at 17 years old with Sachainchi VN through the article below right now.

17 years old still increase height?

Can 17 years old be tall anymore? 17 years old is still in the late stages of puberty for boys but has passed the “golden time” (10 – 16 years old) that the best height for girls. However, in general at this age, height is still growing, but the number will not be significant compared to previous years.

There are a few cases where the height can be stopped due to various reasons such as obesity, early puberty, pituitary diseases …


To know if you still increase in height at the age of 17 , a simple way for you is to track your growth in the last 6 months.

If your height is still increasing, your bones are still growing, if there is no sign of growth even just 1cm, this means that your height is officially closed.

At this point, you can go to the doctor to have an X-ray to confirm your growth as well as know the cause and have a timely remedy.

How tall is 17 years old?

According to the standard height and weight table of the World Health Organization, the 17-year-old male will have a standard height of 175.2 cm and the standard height of a woman at the age of 17 will be 162.5 cm.


Based on the standard height and weight at the age of 17, if you find that your height is still not up to the standard, apply the height increase methods that Sachainchi VN shares to improve your physique effectively.

What to eat to increase height at the age of 17?

Nutrition contributes significantly in the process of increasing height at the age of 17. To ensure enough nutrients to promote the best growth at this age. You need to set up for yourself a varied diet, full of nutrient groups such as: Starch, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals.

Priority should be given to foods rich in Calcium, vitamins, iron and zinc found in: Meat, fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, soybeans… Can add 500ml of milk per day or use more dairy products such as: yogurt, cheese … to provide more energy when exercising regularly.

A day, it is necessary to eat 3 main meals and supplement 2 – 3 snacks with energy-rich foods such as cakes, milk, fruits, etc. Note, you should reduce your intake of fried and oily foods. Fat, sweets, carbonated drinks to not affect the absorption of calcium into the body.

Foods that support effective height improvement:


Also, unlike other fruits, only apples contain boron and the flavonoid floridzin, which help keep bones strong. Therefore, it is only necessary to offer these fruits to children during the period of rapid growth.

A plate of oatmeal for breakfast will help the body to have useful trace elements: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, zinc, iron, chromium, as well as vitamins of the groups All these substances are dark. Maximizes growth of bone and muscle tissue.


Eggs are a rich source of vitamin D and protein, which are essential nutrients for the body’s height development process. So, maintain the habit of eating eggs regularly to get the best results


Honey provides the body with a lot of mineral elements necessary for the growth and development of the body. Drinking honey regularly improves the digestive system, helps calcium and magnesium to be better absorbed, which contributes to the normal development of bones and teeth.



Apples are a great source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, beta-carotene, B vitamins and many other useful substances that can significantly increase bone density. Also, unlike other fruits, only apples contain boron and the flavonoid floridzin, which help keep bones strong.


Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A for the body. Vitamin A is necessary for bone growth. Vitamin A deficiency can increase the risk of abnormal bone growth.

However, too much vitamin A also negatively impacts bone health. Therefore, consume vitamin A in sufficient quantities and you should avoid consuming vitamin A supplements if not necessary.

Green vegetables

Some green leafy vegetables contain calcium needed for bones, such as broccoli, kale leaves, lettuce. Besides containing calcium, green leafy vegetables also contain vitamin K. Vitamin K plays an important role in regulating calcium and bone formation.

Low levels of vitamin K in the body are associated with low bone density. Consuming 1 or more servings of broccoli, kale leaves, lettuce, and leafy greens can help meet your daily vitamin K requirement, which is 120 mcg/day for men and 90 mcg/day for women.

However, not all green leafy vegetables are good for bone growth. Like spinach, although it contains calcium, it also contains oxalic acid which can inhibit calcium absorption. You should avoid eating food sources of calcium and spinach at the same time.

Exercises to increase height at the age of 17

At the age of 17, the joints tend to gradually tighten together, causing a slower growth in height. Therefore, these exercises at this time will have the effect of stretching the vertebrae as well as the cartilage of the joints, stimulating the production of growth hormone to help the bones lengthen quickly.


Therefore, regular exercise not only helps the body to be stronger, more supple, has good resistance, but also supports significantly improved height, reducing the risk of osteoporosis later on.

Some exercises to help increase height at the age of 17 you can refer to such as: Jump rope, yoga, swimming, jogging, basketball … These are sports that can help adjust the spine and stretch the joints. Muscles in the knees and hips are very good, helping blood flow more easily.

If you practice hard, you are opening the door to your best height growth.

Instructions on how to exercise to increase height effectively

To increase height effectively, besides working hard to exercise, you should also pay attention to proper exercise combined with the selection of appropriate exercises and sports to help improve height quickly and effectively. the best

You can refer to the following training instructions of Sachainchi VN to know how to improve your height

How to increase height 17 years old for men

17-year-old male is still in the stage of puberty, the height of the best growth. If we ensure proper nutrition, exercise, and rest, we still have the ability to “break through” to an ideal height, specifically:

Some exercises to help increase height for men

Some good exercises for height are very suitable for men such as:


There are many swimming styles that are useful for growth such as: butterfly, breaststroke, stride, freestyle. However, swimming is still considered an exercise that has the most positive effect on height. Because when swimming, it requires your legs to stretch continuously, and at the same time lean forward.

This makes your spine and joints continuously stretch, creating conditions for the best height growth. To increase height effectively from swimming, you should spend about 45-60 minutes exercising about 3-4 times per week.

Swimming styles to increase height 17 years old
Swim This swimming style is very simple but affects the whole body, helping the body to move to the maximum
Free swimming Helps to stretch the muscles of the body, improve flexibility, support height development quite well
Frog swimming This swimming style requires you to step back and stretch your arms forward, helping to stimulate bone growth and improve muscle efficiency.

Single bar:

If you can practice the barbell, its effect is not only to help sharp muscles, abs, but also to stimulate good height development. Therefore, the effective way to increase height is to practice about 2-3 times a day, each time 15 times up and down with the barbell, which is also a good idea to increase height for men.



This is a fairly close sport that anyone can easily practice. In particular, this simple subject also brings many unexpected benefits to the practitioner such as: Protecting health, improving the immune system, good for the heart, preventing diseases, helping to maintain body shape and improving the quality of life. can make you taller in every run.

Because in the process of running, growth hormone will be produced a lot, so it is understandable when you see people who regularly run to have such a good height.



Try to do this exercise by jumping with both feet at the same time and landing with your feet parallel to the ground. Regular jumping rope not only helps stimulate the body’s production of growth hormone, but also helps bones grow thanks to the effects of jumping and landing during exercise.


Playing soccer can stimulate your growth as well as help you grow taller naturally. Football requires a lot of activities important to increase height can be easily noticed as when you run, you stretch your knee and thigh muscles to help achieve a tall body.

Playing football also requires a lot of jumping when heading and moving sideways to dribble, avoiding the opponent’s interception. This supports to stimulate the height to grow quickly and effectively.

Wear leg weights

The weight from the dumbbells will help you stimulate the growth of cartilage and support the lengthening of the cartilage between the knees. To increase height effectively, you can combine wearing leg weights after sprinting or jogging, this is an effective method to help you improve your height.


As shared, a good diet menu not only brings many health benefits, but also plays an important role, which is to support the building of bone tissue, help improve blood circulation, thereby promoting bone health. promote height growth naturally.

For 17-year-old men, they need to pay more attention to their diet, should pay attention to eat a variety of nutrients: Protein, fat, fiber, starch, make sure to have 3 meals a day, especially not to skip Breakfast, because this is the time when the metabolic system is active continuously, it is necessary to absorb the best source of nutrients to improve physical and mental health.

Besides, you can also divide your 3 main meals into 6 small meals to help increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, helping to optimize height growth.

Consume foods containing iron

Food intake is also a factor affecting the development of the body. If you want to be tall, eat more foods that contain iron.

There are many foods that are rich in iron that you can easily find such as beef, spinach, peas, kidney beans, broccoli, chicken liver, egg yolks. Besides being good for bone growth, iron will also help you avoid the risk of anemia, hair loss, increase energy.

Drink lots of milk with high calcium content

To increase body height, you can regularly drink milk with high calcium content. Calcium is a mineral that makes up bones and teeth, which is very good for growth and height development

In addition, calcium can also prevent osteoporosis and nourish the heart. So, one of the potassium-rich drinks is milk. You can also consume other dairy products like yogurt, cheese.

Healthy lifestyle

If you do the above factors well and forget about a healthy lifestyle, all your “hard training” efforts are just pointless. So, in order for all your efforts to achieve the expected results, be aware of having a healthy lifestyle, eliminating bad habits such as:

Sleep late or stay up all night : Growth hormone is most secreted between 11pm – 2, 3am. If you sleep late, it will interfere with the hormone secretion process and of course will also significantly affect the growth of height.

At the age of 17, you need to sleep 8-9 hours a day and don’t forget to sleep before 10pm to ensure a deep and good sleep.

Standing and sitting posture is not straight : This greatly affects the spine as well as the development of bones, over time can lead to curvature of the spine, hunchback, making the body not only short but also lose weight. Beauty. Therefore, even when standing, sitting, lying down, you need to pay close attention to be comfortable, avoiding a cramped position.

Use of stimulants : Alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks … contain many ingredients that are not good for the nervous system, health, and also cause “blocking” the absorption of calcium to the bones. affected height. Therefore, be very careful to limit the use of stimulants.

Get enough sleep


Sleep is very important for height growth because the period when growth hormone is most produced is when you are falling into a deep sleep. So if you often stay up late, you will hinder the growth of your body.

To be able to support the rapid increase in height at the age of 17 , you should pay attention to sleep before 10 pm and should choose a quiet sleeping space, avoid turning on the night light, and should choose a sleeping position on your back with your arms and legs stretched out. to support the body to develop the best height

Pollution-free living environment

Environmental pollution will certainly affect the healthy growth and development of young people. Increased heavy metal content not only leads to the occurrence of various diseases, but also hinders the growth and development of adolescents and affects height.

Studies have found that lead poisoning affects the growth and maturation of adolescents, while cadmium poisoning often leads to disorders of growth and bone development.

How to increase height at 17 years old for girls

According to For 17-year-old girls, increasing height is no longer an easy thing. However, that does not mean “no way”. You can still grow more or less if you ensure the following factors:

Determine if you are still in puberty

Usually, 17-year-old girls have passed puberty, their height at this time does not increase as strongly as the golden period (10-16 years old). However, if you have a reasonable diet, exercise, and rest, your height can still improve a few centimeters more.

To determine if you can still increase your height, you can monitor the growth chart in the last 6 months or take an X-ray to determine if the synovial cartilage has closed or not.

Whatever the result, don’t forget to follow a good diet, you can apply tips on choosing clothes, doing stretching exercises to help us have the best chance of getting taller.

How to choose an outfit

Clothing not only makes us more beautiful, but also an effective “trick” to deceive the eye of the beholder. If we don’t know how to choose or mix clothes, it will make us shorter, on the contrary, if we are more subtle, our costumes will help us “cheat” our height a lot.

To do that, you should pay attention to choose high-waisted pants, V-neck tops, prioritize wearing the same color tones, vertical stripes to create the illusion that the body is not only tall but also slim and flattering. so many.

Yoga, aerobics

There are two methods of exercise that are popular with many women because it not only helps to increase height but also maintain a perfect figure: Yoga and Aerobic.

Yoga : If you practice yoga regularly, it will support stretching the whole body, release accumulated toxins, help cells and hormones have more conditions for healthy development, actively support the growth process. Yoga exercises to increase height you can refer to such as: Mountain exercise, tree pose, facing the sun, wheel pose, …

tap yoga

Aerobic : Besides Yoga, Aerobic is also a great exercise for you to choose. Because during the exercise, you will have to run and jump continuously to the music, thereby, helping to strengthen your endurance, strengthen your muscles, and make your bones strong and supple.

Sun exposure

Sunlight not only brings benefits to the skin, but it also has an effective effect on height growth. You should regularly go out, expose to the sun in the early morning and evening to provide vitamin D for the body to help improve height quickly and effectively.

Body weight control


To help the optimal growth height, you need to pay attention to your weight because having too much weight will inhibit the growth of bones, making the bones unable to develop optimally. , thereby hindering the process of increasing body height. Therefore, you should pay attention to maintaining an appropriate weight

Limit your intake of sweets

Women often have a hobby of drinking milk tea and eating sweets. However, this inadvertently causes bad effects on your height because when you add too many sweets, your body will excrete calcium through the excretory system. So, please pay attention to limit eating too many sweets to help improve height effectively at the age of 17

Leg lengthening surgery

This method is also a way to increase height, but I strongly discourage you to apply this method to improve height.

Such a life-changing surgery can come with a host of possible complications such as bone infections, nerve and blood vessel injury, delayed bone healing, and irregular lengthening. So if you are looking to improve your height at the age of 17 with leg lengthening surgery, think carefully before choosing.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of water for the body has many health benefits, helping to remove toxins from the body as well as helping you avoid many diseases.

Many studies have shown that adolescents and adults who drink a lot of water often have a better growth rate and height development.

This is because when providing enough water for the body, it will help the organs work more smoothly, the immune system works effectively to help repel diseases, creating favorable conditions for maximum growth. the best at the age of 17

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